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Hi guys this gesture from digipro you well yep that’s me down there then that’s my blog digipro like today what I was it discusses blog hosting call you could call it web hosting as well every blog needs a hosting company when you get a blog or website the first thing that sort of x is that the domain name or a URL and once you buy that you need space to actually keep all the content of your blog or website on a server or on a computer so that’s where the hosting comes into play so you need a hosting company and a domain name to set up a website or a blog so that’s just the basics of it now we just get on to the hosting bit I’ve got a comparison of domain registrations as well india in u.s. what what you’re focusing on today is comparison of block by posting indiaina now you could say the title is a bit deceptive because really most of my hosting companies that I use and I use quite a few is us-based companies.

I don’t really see the benefit in using an india-based hosting company because mainly the oil provide a service which is useful anyway and most of the time the US providers are much much more cheaper than the Aussie ones what basically you would be looking anyway for for a good blog good website is is a past host the speedy host as such but when you’re starting out really you don’t need to worry about that it’s mainly a good reliable service such or a good reliable web hosting company and a u.s. Radha will generally provider a reasonable price for hosting your blog or website and the speed is good enough for a starting log anyway my blog will seems quite a bit of traffic but yeah it’s it’s good it’s good for now I might need to change because there’s a very big try to jump in recent months but it’s still doing good well yeah I might just need to sort of do a little bit of flaking and it’ll still run good but yeah most most most hosting companies are quite good for start-up long anyway so here we go what President WordPress which is my logs software my blog has one hosted on wordpress hosting in Australia most companies offer wordpress hosting I’ve included a local crew water which is smartly host I do use them but not for hosting.

I use them for domains and that’s basically it may be the only told me an indian tormenta water for a while on on the internet so i sort of signed up with them and bought a few domains in there but hosting I’m the glue host i’m at hostgator dreamhost yes I am with them still but I don’t use them as much Go Daddy yes this cheap they’re getting more reliable so that’s good post monster yes this blocks will post it on horse monster and it does pretty well so that’s that’s not such a big problem vp hosting I don’t have any really real experience with them but they do seem there there has been some okay reviews about the of wordpress hosting so and they’re not really such such such a perazzi privada as such nine dollars a month is quite okay but compared to dream host which is eight dollars 95 who’s get a three dollar ninety six month Blue Hose for dollars 95 it is quite quite shape compared to smarty host or m.v.p hosting as such and the good thing about the u.s. providers is a quite often they a lot of things as well like say blue horse might just drop it to 395 my Hostgator might destroy it to 295 for a certain time and I normally sort of whether that happens and only update Miley so here anyway I haven’t done it just recently but yep I normally updated if not you could go to my resources pages which is over here and update update that more before anything else at all.

so as I’m saying bluehost is is a good company and as you can see 99 uptime guarantee which is what you need you need your site to be up all the time really you don’t want any downtime especially once you start getting a lot of traffic traffic the other things to watch out for is what I’ve highlighted in green over here which is unlimited bandwidth which is I mean how much our traffic you still your blog will still be there dinner on a chargeable unlimited this disk space which means like you put big graphics I don’t recommend putting big graphics but if you do put big graphic so far so media files you got a lot of disk space over there to sort of use that as well so yeah that’s that’s something that you really need to look out for and all your hosting providers and then bluehost goes Gator dreamhost hostmonster they all provide that which is good cpanel control control panel it’s something that not all providers sort of provide not as quite a few of them have started making their own sort of managing control panel but cpanel is quite quite easy to use as such and most most of these ones hostmonster which is mothers blog it has a cpanel and allow it conceded to use dreamhost Hostgator bluehost they all use cpanel so which is pretty good no no worries over they doesn’t use cpanel they got their own little soph a managing software that they have but that is quite different by the squad symbol to usually I like the fact that in there managing cpanel not cpanel but whatever software they use is it’s just one click what you say up installation for wordpress blogs which is quite nice .
I missed a few other feature that a normal cpanel has but yeah I mean they make up for that with the other social features that they’re sort of input over there yeah just just to go back that’s if you want domains and only update my band over there you can see one dollar 99 for a dot-com so say you want to want to buy a domain you don’t want to spend the extra money front com au but still want to sort of have your website or blog have that indian ma’am sort of names you could go if it’s a recipe blog you would just go indian cool recipes com so you’re nothing twenty or forty dollars for com dot I you but people are still known Australian recipe blog living by just paying ten dollars or been one dollar ninety-nine as you can see over here for a cheap domain and it’s a essentially in Australian domain as such so yeah there you go you can get a one dollar ninety-nine domain right now so I normally update those them those banners all day so I mean you can always compare it between now or you’re in day as well for instance bluehost you can see I put it on its 495 that was when when the offer was on but right now they are advising for 695 normally there’s a few sales happen through my links over here then they would give me a special deal and it could be 495 but normally when you click on that link and go through go to to my affiliate link you know prize anyway so I’m so do a quick to that link to see what the client prizes if you do decide to go with a hosting provider like bluehost warming Hostgator or dream horse I do normally tend to either put the latest discount go like the dreamhost up and down my my personal discount for which I get because I use them and you can use them all day to sort of get a discount whose monster I will update it very soon block my block that uses hostmonster just want so yeah pretty much yeah if you click on the link from here and go go to the hosting provider you’d get some sort of discount or they will let you know what the current discount is yeah that’s me down there and that’s my Twitter so good luck with that and hope you find a good horse and let me know in the comments column which is just right down there there’s plenty of comments including spam comments but yeah I do let me know if you do end up buying a domain or or web web hosting for your blog and yeah good luck so yeah

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