Achieving a high level of brand awareness can seem to be a daunting task, and in many cases; indeed it is. Many people think of Coca-Cola or Pepsi when referencing a carbonated beverage, or call out “can you hand me a Kleenex?” when in need of tissue paper. These are all clues that your overall branding efforts have paid off, and in a substantial way.

But what about small local businesses that have a much smaller budget for marketing? Good question, here is what we recommend:

1. Create a logo that is insightful but also not over-thought, and something simple yet visually appealing. Try not to overdo your logo, but at the same time put as much effort into the simpleness of the logo as you can; remember simplicity is always more appealing than complexity and will make it easier for people to remember your brand.

2. Use your logo on your invoices, business cards, signs outside your business, pens, website, and just about anything you can think of.

3. Sponsor events relevant to your target audience if you can afford it, in order to have your logo placed in strategic spots within the event.

4. Create banner ads, commercials, even donate your products or service to television shows in hopes that they may catch a shot of your logo on TV or mention your name somehow.

5. Radio, newspaper, and magazine ads although less effective than digital media will still increase your overall branding efforts, and if your goal is to reach a heightened level of brand awareness and identity, then you should consider it.

Website Design By Digiproit provides all the services you will need to establish your brand, create a stunning logo, and advertise through both digital and print advertising. Our graphic design team can do more than just create logos and websites, we can design magazine ads, newspaper ads, signs, business cards, postcards, and anything else that requires creative design or development. Although our corporate office is in DElhi USA, we welcome customers from all over the world.