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Hi everyone and welcome to named hero calm in this blog I want to compare named hero to GoDaddy so you can figure out it for the best alternative or what the best alternative to GoDaddy is so before I start let me get into the catalyst behind this blog so you kind of have an understanding while I’m doing this since.

I own a web hosting company I frequently ask people when I see them out in public or when I meet people at new meanings of stuff you know who do you use for domain registrations who do you use for web hosting it’s an honest question so I ask it a lot and most of the time when especially when I mentioned domains people bring up GoDaddy so because of that I want to do

This blog is just so we can kind of dig a little bit more into this now if I had over name here oh here let me bring up our blog I just published a post called best GoDaddy alternative for 2017 named hero vs. GoDaddy and inside this post I am talk a lot about Go Daddy’s advertising so now let’s talk about that it’s not really a secret once you look at the numbers about why people know of GoDaddy if you look here this is their publicly traded so they’re required by the SEC to publish their financials each quarter each year they have to Compile these reports and publish them so you can see last year 2016 they spent two hundred and twenty eight million dollars in sales and marketing two hundred and twenty two hundred and two million the year before one hundred and sixty four million year before and he goes ah lay back now you can see in 2011 they only spent 3.8 million so they weren’t that big they had this tremendous jump which which is accredited to going public in the gathering all this but that’s a different story and you can look at the revenues last year they did 1.8 billion dollars now compared to 31 million back in 2011 and it shows you that sales and marketing of course works and the more do the bigger they got so they’re
actually behemoths in the industry so it’s what you look at the numbers it’s no secret why 110 people maybe even more than that know and understand of GoDaddy and then you know when you’re spending almost a billion dollars in five years on advertising you’re going to as long as hopefully you’re going to really penetrate the market so GoDaddy is kind
of like the Walmart of the web hosting and domain registration business.

Okay so with that said that’s why they’re so known now I want to dig into first their flagship product and that’s a domain registration even current customers that come into name hero most of them the majority of them they if they already have a website a lot of them have at
least one domain with GoDaddy so that you know they’ve seen the ads they’ve seen the marketing and they’ve registered a domain so I wanted to compare them now if you go to GoDaddy and it’s a little bit confusing up front so if we get here and they’re live chats coming up let’s close that out and let’s search for a new domain this is my new name 2017 I like calm search this takes a second okay so it comes up here and you see they’ve got their price 1199 with an asterisk which means of course there’s going to be some
upsells so we want to look at this and you can see there’s all these other TL DS on here TL DS meaning these other extensions so we just want to compare the dot-com there right now so I’m gonna click Add to Cart I’m gonna continue to Cart and I’m gonna get to the privacy page now it’s asking you if you want privacy protection or not now if you’ve ever registered a domain without privacy protection the chances are that you came back and got privacy protection each domain your register is required to keep your information in a public database and this includes your physical address your email address and your phone number if you put false information down if you put a wrong address and wrong email address or a wrong phone number they reserved ICANN the regulation here the regulation body of names and numbers they reserve the right to suspend your domain so you can’t put a fake information .

you have to put the real stuff so this is why privacy protection is important because if you’re registering a domain for your business or even for yourself you know what the average Joe are I don’t want the average Joe knowing where I live I don’t want them telling my phone number and I don’t want my email address out there because I get enough spam is the way it is and of course that database is queried and crawled by every spammer scammer salesmen saleswoman in the world so if you don’t register with privacy protection your information is going to be solicited and it’s really annoying so again if you don’t register it you definitely will after you go through that so we’re going to continue on with these options and so I get to the end here and you can see I’m at 43 bucks well they default to two years a domain you have to pay for it you have to renew
it every year we’re pay for it can advance or to keep it so let’s just go to one year let’s just say you’d like to do it one year that’s me personally that’s what I do I just renew them every year so if I do one year with the privacy protection my cost is twenty dollars and sixteen cents so we’re a little far off from that 1199 that we first saw on there and you see they’ve added some taxes and fees and then you know the privacy is eight dollars but again without the privacy I mean your information is out there so why would you want that so that’s that’s what it costs to get a domain at GoDaddy so let’s let’s now talk about name here oh I’m I developed named hero based on my own needs I each month each year I invest in a lot of different domains I it’s I use that as my real estate to virtual real estate instead of buying physical land I buy virtual land domains and I’ve been doing this since 1998 some ignore it for a long time well it’s a couple years ago I built my own platform more than a couple years ago several years ago I built my own platform because I read for
so many names it only makes sense to have up my own platform to where I could have everything in there so I don’t have to use guys like GoDaddy.

I can have everything on my own stuff and I built it around what I needed simple easy fast to search so in comes our instant domain search let’s click on it so this is basically a search engine that we developed
and we can start typing in our domain this is my new domain 2017 and it’s automatically going to search through all these different TLDs I don’t like to wait when I’m searching for new names you know I don’t want to click anything I just want to see it so you can see almost instantly we can see that this name is available our base price is twelve ninety eight and you know if I want to register any of these other ones I can do that from here so let’s click on it at this point you can see we’ve got our configuration screen and our ID protection is right here we have a couple other features here but I’m gonna ignore that for now we’re just going to talk about ID protection our ID protections not going to be nine dollars a year it’s two dollars in ninety-eight cents a year and we try to keep it very affordable so I’m gonna click continue and you can see our total for the domain is fifteen ninety six so we’ve got our domain registration and we’ve got our privacy protection we’re off to the races so a name here oh we’re coming in about five and a half dollars cheaper
the name here than GoDaddy so they’re privacy against eight bucks are just two ninety-eight if you don’t add it you’ll want to come back and definitely add it so that’s kind of where we are as far as the domains go the domains registrations it really doesn’t matter who you register your domain with a domains a domain whether you pay named hero
whether you pay GoDaddy it’s the same thing nothing there’s nothing absolutely nothing different it doesn’t work any different doesn’t load faster it’s the same so why pay more if you don’t have to that’s kind of what I’ve always said about this let’s go to our blog back let’s go back to this post here and let’s just look at let’s talk one more thing about privacy protection before we move on if I scroll down here you can see in my post here’s what your information looks like in the public Whois database you would have your company name if you if you have a company you would have your name you would then have your exact address again this is your physical rescue cannot lie on this information if information is
invalid they reserve the right to suspend your domain they can essentially take it from you of course your city and zip your country your phone number and your email address so this is what it looks like it’s visible to the public using privacy protection our product here at name here is called Whois hero and you’ll see we replace it with our information or who is agent information and if someone emails you’re protected email address you still get the good stuff we have a spam filter on it that if someone spams you it’s gonna kick it
out you’re only gonna get the good stuff you only get the good emails if someone sends you a piece of mail and it’s an on a piece of spam mail if it’s a legit piece of mail we will forward that to your physical address now I’m fortunately the phone calls we cannot forward but if they call our number looking for you we can make sure we really relay the message so that’s how our privacy protection works we basically just mask all of your personal information replace it with ours which still filters through to you so it’s basically like we cloak your information and then pass it on to us which we can get in touch with you if we need be on sets domains that’s comparing us against GoDaddy’s domains let’s talk
about web hosting so after you have your domain you have to get hosting if you want to develop your website now if you’re like me and just buying domains investments you know you might not need hosting for all of them at least yet and that’s fine you know that’s fine you can hang on to the domain until you need it but when you need hosting it’s a very
important piece of the puzzle because you have to have it to have a website you can’t have a website without web hosting so let’s go back to go Daddy let’s let’s I want to empty my cart here let’s just go back and click web hosting I don’t even see where to do it so let’s just go back to hosting learn more okay so learn more we’re where are your hosting plans GoDaddy there they are okay so 349 a month I’m gonna go just the lowest package we’re just looking for basic basic web hosting so your economy here is right here so let’s add it to cart okay so now let’s go through this process we’re looking just for basic web hosting we’re gonna go for their cheapest thing they have to look to host one website so go down here this is the billing term most hosting companies name here included we don’t build per month we bill on a on a three months 12 months 24 months three months we
a couple months period because obviously to offer the best rate we were word customers and sign up longer and GoDaddy does the same thing so I’m gonna choose 36 months because that’s where you get the best price and I suggest you doing the same thing why pay more if you don’t have to even though it’s a little bit more up front and longer on you when next ad site backup and restore now this is something that I recommend you keep because if you have a website and something goes down or you lose a piece of data that can be really detrimental to your business so when I compare to name hero we’re going to do the same thing let’s go down here now malware scanning removal most people will ignore this well I’m telling you that’s not the best thing to do because if your website gets malware it can be deleted especially if you use WordPress especially if you use any PHP
applications everything can be very vulnerable you need to have this I don’t know why they don’t include it but they do for five dollars a month and they tell me it’s Unseld SSL Certificates Google has already said if you don’t have an SSL certificate they are going to show you lower in the rankings now they said that three years ago so that’s in it’s in effect now if you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website regardless how big or small you are you’re going to show up lower in the search results now my blog posts I said
that’s a lot like buying a car without a car battery you have this car it’s ready to go but you don’t have the battery to power it well if you have this website it’s all ready to go but you’re not showing up in Google searches with your customer or potential customers then what do you have I mean it’s not 1998 people are going to just type in a random com nowadays everyone’s going to Google stuff they goo everything so you want to show up high so you want to add their certificate once again it’s not included it’s five eighty four month continuum all right good news you get a free domain if this order no thanks we’re gonna pass up on this because we just want to talk about the hosting right now alrighty so now I want to remove the domain well actually it’s gonna be free so it doesn’t change the price maybe a few cents okay so our total is four hundred and thirty dollars and seven cents now once again that’s for thirty six months or three years because that’s where I will get the best rain so let’s go look at name Hiro so here’s name Hiro we offer our products called Lightspeed Webb cloud web hosting our web postings a little bit faster than GoDaddy and I’ll talk about that towards the end but let’s just get down here and compare price so our starter package starts at 389 per month base rate and that’s for 36 months as well so let’s get through here we can use it for my current no maintenance in the cart that’s fine all right and we can look you can see the discount applies on checkout so when we get to check out we’ll go from there drop my site I’ll site backups remember a GoDaddy we said we were going to choose that now named hero we actually let you choose your space then $1.99 two months perfect same as we did it go daddy dedicated IP address don’t worry about that we’re just gonna get a direct comparison we already have our domain if ID protection which we can empty that from our cart we’ll do that.

When we get here the ID protection and we can just kill this out and just go from here okay so here’s a direct comparison on the price one hundred and eighty six seventy three versus four 3007 now at named hero would go back to our web hosting page all of our packages come with free and unlimited SSL as well as free nightly malware scans we don’t charge like
GoDaddy here they charge for those features they call it website security essential ours comes automatically because I believe that just like a car had a battery what’s the use of having website if you don’t have the security automatically added into it I I’m more scared at name hero to people not having this because I feel like when people were cheap they won’t put it in their cart they won’t buy it but then it makes our whole network not as safe our network is safer because we offer this so why would you not want to offer it for every account complimentary why did you want to charge people to make your network more secure because if someone gets into one account what says they can’t get to another account so that’s why we include it we don’t charge extra so if you’re comparing name hero to GoDaddy prices for one website to host for 36 months SSL certificate now we’re scanning there more than double on the price let’s go back to my card 186 dollars versus 430 dollars we go back and we look and go daddy’s numbers and this is how that they can afford 228 million dollars on sales and marketing this is how they can afford to throw up 1.8 million dollars in revenue so that’s the price though and I don’t want to hate too much on GoDaddy because I’m not saying they’re horrible I’m just saying there’s they’re a lot more expensive once you get to the meat and potatoes of it now outside of all of this they included features and all this a named hero we do a little something a little bit different go on down here .

when I started named hero much like my domain experience I
was frustrated I’ve been running web hosting or not web hosting I’ve been running internet-based businesses since the late 90s since GoDaddy got started and my old company was a discussion forum where he trained internet marketers and I got really frustrated because we were training these internet marketers they all needed web hosting for their materials so they could put to use the training and make money and regardless of what their marketing everyone always needed web hosting and domains and it was just an essential key piece well we used to recommend a couple different hosts and I started get really frustrated because I couldn’t recommend a host without them being bad to my
customers meaning that you know this is something lacked either the features lacked or the customer service lacked either the features were good you know there’s always something so that’s why I was like well I’ve developed this cloud hosting platform for my own sites why don’t I just take this platform and they get public and that’s what I did the
hosting here at name here everything is on top of our high-speed cloud so of course we’re going to offer the free backups the free SSL Certificates in the free malware scanning that’s going to come included but if I go in down here I talked about our infrastructure you know we use something called Lightspeed web server in layman’s terms it’s nine times
faster than what you’re going to find every good Eddy sometimes in the office I call it slow daddy and if you don’t believe me let’s go sign up at GoDaddy go sign up at name hero and just compare us compare your site load time because I built this hosting platform based on what I needed for my business it allowed us to be able to offer a higher quality product you know we’re able to utilize solid state drives GoDaddy uses old-school SATA drives because it’s cheaper it’s about double the cost if we compare infrastructures than it is to name here our versus GoDaddy their infrastructure costs a lot less than what we’ve built but that’s because they’re more concerned about that two hundred million dollars on
marketing they’re they’re what to any wait to advertise to the masses they want to be the big coke of web hosting so we have coca-cola and soft drinks they want to be the they want to be the staple of the web hosting industry they’re more concerned about marketing and branding and all that versus the actual infrastructure and that’s fine they’re their average customer is not the technical nerds it’s not the techie person that really cares that much a lot of people they just don’t know they know they need a web host and they just go with GoDaddy because that’s what they’ve heard and named here that’s why we’re more technical and I don’t want to bore you with the details but it’s just faster you know our platform our hosting is just faster your website’s going to load faster which google says almighty Google that they will show faster websites higher up in their search engine their search results so when people are searching for you your business your website you’re gonna show up higher if you have an SSL certificate and if your page loads faster talk to
any search engine optimization expert and the first thing they’re going to tell you if they know what they’re talking about you need to make sure your website’s fast if it’s slow you’re gonna be paralyzed especially with the with the evolution of mobile devices people want fast websites if your website’s slow and they’re on their phone and they have a crappy Network they’re gonna go big on and you’re gonna lose that customer so that’s the comparison between our hosting and our domains with GoDaddy you know it kind of is what it is you know I don’t want to I know a completely bash GoDaddy because I don’t think the horrible company we have several customers I talking Mike I’ve got a cousin that uses GoDaddy he told me Ryan I use GoDaddy because and he gave me his reason and said you know if you get this reason and maybe I’ll come to you so I don’t want to bash him
because I’m not saying they’re horrible but I’m just doing that comparison first off right on top of the price you know I compared the domain prices showed which one was better than the other I showed the web hosting and then the quality now name here are two we are very very transparent because I know that you know why not trust the billion-dollar company you know why trust the smaller guy so we are very transparent so if you click that link or you can go to the bottom of the name here oh and click reviews down here and
you can see we published all these reviews we want you to know what our customers are saying we want you to know what to expect when you sign up at name hero rather you want one domain or rather you want 10 domains rather you want a thousand domains rather you want hosting or not we were gonna make a promise to you to offer you a high
quality service that you can trust and that’s no BS you know we want to be very transparent so we publish these reviews and you can see this is a third party we use to collect our reviews you can see verified by herbicide each of these so you can see what people say about us I mean real people nothing that we’ve written you know these are these are
really written by our customers and you can go through all the pages here we’ve got a couple social media reviews and looks like we’ve have a Facebook account that’s not working here but we have some Facebook reviews that are all up on here I don’t know why this those are going we’ll have to we’ll have to see what happened to those but we have you know reviews we’re importing in from Facebook people that put on our Facebook pages I’m going going down here got all those we have some industry reviews that were submitted before we put in our review system so you can see those we also publicize the feedback we get inside of our help desk so you can click on here and this is the actual screenshot a
feedback that we’ve collected from all our tickets you can see some people leave comments some don’t but everyone’s asked to rate the text on a one to ten scale so one being the lowest ten being the highest zero meaning they didn’t rate um so you can see here I mean we strive for ten for ten what keeps me up at night is getting that eight because I
want to know what happened you know why did we not offer ten for ten customer service and support web hosting and domains and stuff I mean it can be frustrating if you’re not very technical minded and I get that’s why we want to make this as easy and as simple as possible on people that’s how we’re a little bit different than then GoDaddy you know we we can’t care about your business we care about your business we want to help you out we want to see your website succeed we want to see your business succeed online
we’re making it easy as possible so that’s my comparison that is my comparison against name hero versus GoDaddy feel free to read the blog post if you’re watching this blog on
Facebook or on YouTube it’s best GoDaddy alternative for 2017 named hero vs. GoDaddy are we the best I’ll let you determine it you know I’m biased because I developed named hero it’s my company so I’m gonna be biased against it but you know you’re free to make your own conclusions.

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