Q. What is Link Building ?

Link Building is a paramount addition to any search engine optimization campaign. Here at Website Design By DigiproIT, we take link building very seriously, as we do with all of our seo services.

SEO is a very long and difficult process, but it can either be effective or not at all. Below you will find a comprehensive description of link building strategies that we utilize, and some general SEO teqniques. After reading our expert advice, if you feel that you would like us to manage your link building campaign, please see our rates: and you may also purchase any of our services on this page, after buying, just email us to inform our office of your purchase.

There are two parts to seo: Onpage, and Offpage Seo.

On-page SEO includes things like changing your title tag, meta description tag, meta keyword tag, site map, heavy keyword rich and properly written content which will show on pages of your website and/or blog. Website Architecture is important too for reasons like page load speed and spiderability of images and web objects.

Off-page SEO needs to be achieved in a multitude of ways to keep up with today’s seo demand with the number of competitors in mind and a particular search engine’s constant algorithmic changes.

Off-page SEO includes:

1. Writing and submitting articles to various article submission sites.

2. Social Bookmarking at various social bookmarking channels.

3. Press release writing and submission.

4. Link building through various means.

Link building is the most complicated thing because many people get it wrong. The search engine has to feel that these links came naturally, so to achieve this, they can’t all be high or low pagerank; they should be mixed. Additionally to adding a mixture of pageranked websites, the links should at least somewhat be thematic, themed links are always counted more often then other links because search engines count them as relevant to your websites subject matter, other links such as those from directories will be used in conjunction in our overall link building and mining efforts. You will also need links that are free of no-follow tags and which are from older websites with high user traffic or what some call “authoritative websites”, and websites that Google finds important.

There is a bit more than that, but any more and I would have written a do-it-yourself guide. Let me know if you require my services and as you can now tell: I know what I am doing.

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