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Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is well known as the evil brother of Search Engine Optimization SEO...

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    SEO is a very long and difficult process, but it can either be effective or not at all. Below you will find a comprehensive description of link building strategies that we utilize, and some general SEO teqniques. After reading our expert advice, if you feel that you would like us to manage your link building campaign, please see our rates and you may also purchase any of our services on this page, after buying, just email us to inform our office of your purchase.


    Online Marketing

    Online Marketing increases the ranking of websites listed in the “organic” portion of the search engine which is located in the middle of every page. The top three listings and the sidebar on the right are reserved for sponsored results called Pay Per Click Marketing. Natural Organic traffic from SEO advertising efforts will result in a continuous stream of traffic not influenced by budget depletion, increasing click costs, or wrongful clicks. In the long term, SEO is a great investment, and is probably the most important thing you could do for your business outside of registering your business name! Don’t be fooled, this is not a process that happens overnight, it actually can take some time. If you operate a niche business that is being searched on a local level, SEO can be relatively quick and inexpensive, but as your industry demand grows, so does the cost and labor involved in keeping up with the demand for keyword rankings.


    Pay Per Click

    Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is well known as the evil brother of Search Engine Optimization SEO. Long-term customer acquisition is generally a bit higher with PPC as opposed to SEO due to a growing number of internet advertisers, but if done the right way and by the right expert, it can be an extremely lucrative revenue stream.

    PPC stands for “Pay Per Click”, this sort of internet based advertising model allows any business to magically rank on the top of the search engines, however, every-time someone clicks on the Ad, a click charge will be billed. Pay-Per-Click management professionals such as myself work hard to build quality campaigns that increase relevant traffic, decrease junk, reduce cost, and bring an overall heightened level of profitability to your marketing strategy.


    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as its means of delivering marketing messages. Typically, E-mail marketing is used to keep in touch with current, past, lost, or future potential customers. Marketing through email can prove to be a very effective mode of advertising, and it is usually far less expensive than other traditional advertising means such as direct mail or telephone marketing.


    1) Send occasional E-mail marketing messages to increase your branding by remaining in the thoughts of your past, present, and future customers.

    2) Send emails during the holidays, when you have new products or services, and any time you have promotional offers. You can also use these emails to Cross-Sell and Up-Sell to your customers in a non-invasive way where they feel comfortable without any pressure.

    3) Send surveys through email for quality assurance, this is a perfect time to offer a promo to customers who fill out the survey, and it also gives you an opportunity to find out what your customers thought of your service.


    Brand Awareness

    Achieving a high level of brand awareness can seem to be a daunting task, and in many cases; indeed it is. Many people think of Coca-Cola or Pepsi when referencing a carbonated beverage, or call out “can you hand me a Kleenex?” when in need of tissue paper. These are all clues that your overall branding efforts have paid off, and in a substantial way.

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